SITREP 22-01 April

SITREP 22-01

Download the SITREP (PDF) via link below.


Yes you should start planning and reserving now! Thursday 13 October – Sunday 16 October.

The high-level concept of operations is as follows:

  • Location: most operations centered on Mystic, CT
  • Lodging: Rooms are going fast so reserve now  – there are 10 other classes trying to book rooms.
  • Budget: all prices are going up. We are trying to keep costs down.
    • We absolutely want you all to attend.
  • Schedule:
    • Thursday 13 Oct:
      • no host meet-up at a local drinking establishment (maybe Westerly or Mystic)
    • Friday 14 Oct:
      • AM: tour local area and CGA Alumni events on your own.
      • PM: evening social. Location TBD. Budget $30 per person or less
    • Saturday 15 Oct:
      • AM: CGA events on your own.
      • NOON: Tailgate – MacAlister Hall courtyard. Budget $30 per person or less
      • GAME: March on
      • PM: Class dinner. Location TBD. Budget $50 per person. This is the big event.
    • Sunday 16 Oct:
      • AM: class business meeting. Location TBD. Budget $0 (coffee/donuts)

Action taken

Some of the Connecticut local folks have been working at the details. Big thanks to Sam and Karen Eisenbeiser for taking point this time around. We set up a Slack email group and had a couple conference calls.

– Chris Cieplik and Tim Opstrup looking into class apparel with custom logos and sizes

Future plans

Committee goal: lock down all venues and prices by May 1.

CGA Alumni will have a ticket sale page for Class of 1992 by July 1.

Action items

____ Make reservations for hotels!

____ Make travel arrangements to the Mystic, CT area

____ Spread the word to your friends. Don’t slash your classmates!

____ Start putting money away for events.

____ Bookmark the class web site: – this will be the central information hub.

____ Get involved if local – send us email




Email: (goes to Sam/Karen/Ed)

Author: admin_92

Class web site admin.

One thought on “SITREP 22-01 April”

  1. Many Mahalos (Thanks) to the CGA92 Committee and supporting staff of the CGA Alumni Office!!
    Sam, Tim, among many others, I’m sure.
    I am aware of the huge effort these events require & the disproportionate effort made by those CT/New England locals. I look forward to seeing you all!

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